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One Thought Blog

  • Canada’s Annual Student Assistance Bill: $10 Billion, Most of it Non-Repayable

    Let’s just count up all there is out there, shall we?  Just for fun.

    There’s loans, obviously.  In 2010-11, there was a little under $4 billion of those.  Of that, however, about half a billion was forgiven through loan remission, … Read More

  • The Changing Face of Student Protest

    You may have missed this story, what with disappearing airliners, annexations in Crimea, and whatnot, but there has been a major and quite unique student uprising going on in Taipei over the past month.

    The “Sunflower Student Movement” was born … Read More

  • Rewind on Those Foley/Green Numbers

    So, you may remember that last week I published this neat little graph from the National Graduates Survey, showing university and graduate incomes across all ten provinces, three years after graduation.  Note that although the numbers vary by province, the … Read More