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  • What We Ask of Parents: Unequal Expectations for Parental contributions to Early Childhood and Post-Secondary Education in Canada Download PDF
  • Beyond Tenure: Faculty Employment Protection at Canadian Universities Download PDF
  • 2015 Budget Commentary Download PDF
  • Moving On? How Students Think About Choosing a Place to Live After Graduation Download PDF
  • The Many Prices of Knowledge: How tuition & subsidies interact in Canadian higher education Download PDF

One Thought Blog

  • Three Unconnected Thoughts on PSE and Aboriginal Peoples

    1)      Changing Disciplines

    In the last five years or so, I’ve seen a real change in the way Aboriginal students are moving through the country’s PSE system.  For a whole number of reasons, aboriginal students were traditionally concentrated either in humanities … Read More

  • Taking Advantage of Course Duplication

    I recently came across an interesting blogpost from a professor in the UK named Thomas Leeper (see here), talking about the way in which professors the world over spend so much time duplicating each others’ work in terms of developing … Read More

  • Unbundling

    Over the past few years, we’ve heard recurrent calls and/or predictions that higher education will soon be “unbundled”.  What does this term mean, exactly?

    It’s a metaphor that’s been used in more than one way.  The unbundling allusion is mostly … Read More