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  • The Many Prices of Knowledge: How tuition & subsidies interact in Canadian higher education
  • The Korean Academic Credit Bank: A Model for Credit Transfer in North America?
  • Career Services Offices: A look at Universities and Colleges across Canada
  • 2014 Budget Commentary
  • The Pros and Cons of Internationalization: How Domestic Students Experience the Globalizing Campus

One Thought Blog

  • Better Know a Higher Ed System: France

    France is one of the original homelands of the university: the University of Paris was the first real university outside the Mediterranean basin, and was home to six universities by 1500 – only Italy and Spain had more at the … Read More

  • Systematically Valuing the Wrong Things

    Michael Staton is a former teacher, venture capitalist, and founder of Uversity, which is a kind of data nerd Strategic Enrolment Management outfit in the US.  He also has some interesting ideas about the “unbundling” of higher education, which have … Read More

  • Welcome to the Crisis

    I just took a look at the new enrolment confirmation statistics for Ontario universities.  They are jaw-dropping.

    Overall, the system experienced its first fall in “number of confirmed enrolments from secondary school” since (I believe) the early 1990s (I say … Read More