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  • The Many Prices of Knowledge: How tuition & subsidies interact in Canadian higher education
  • The Korean Academic Credit Bank: A Model for Credit Transfer in North America?
  • Career Services Offices: A look at Universities and Colleges across Canada
  • 2014 Budget Commentary
  • The Pros and Cons of Internationalization: How Domestic Students Experience the Globalizing Campus

One Thought Blog

  • Higher Education as a Positional Good

    In policy circles, we talk a lot about whether education is a public or a private good (it’s both), and what the implications are for pricing.  But one thing we don’t talk enough about is the extent to which education … Read More

  • Predicting the Effects of Australian Fee De-regulation

    If the Australian government’s plan on fee-deregulation comes to pass, what follows will be one of the greatest experiments ever in higher education.  Institutions will have the right to set fees exactly as they want, which begs two questions: what will … Read More

  • The Australian Experiment (Part 1)

    I spent a good part of this month in Australia, talking to people about the radical program introduced in the May budget.  The basics of the system are as follows:

    A recently-introduced plan of uncapped places, with the government funding … Read More