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  • Moving On? How Students Think About Choosing a Place to Live After Graduation
  • The Many Prices of Knowledge: How tuition & subsidies interact in Canadian higher education
  • The Korean Academic Credit Bank: A Model for Credit Transfer in North America?
  • Career Services Offices: A look at Universities and Colleges across Canada
  • 2014 Budget Commentary

One Thought Blog

  • End of Term

    Hi all.  Today’s blog will be the last for 2014.  Normal service will resume on Monday January 5th.

    End of term is always a time for stick-taking.  And so I’d like to offer a few thoughts on what’s happened in 2014.

    First, … Read More

  • Scholarships, Proximity Talks, and the PQ’s Lost Mojo

    In the late 90s, Canada was still seemingly on the edge of a break-up.  But exactly 15 years ago at the Hotel Des Gouverneurs in Quebec City, that started to change, thanks to a scholarship program.

    Recall: in the summer of … Read More

  • The History of the Smorgasbord

    One of the things that clouds mutual understanding of higher education systems across the Atlantic is the nature of the Arts curriculum.  And in particular, the degree to which they actually have them in Europe, and don’t over here.

    When students … Read More