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One Thought Blog

  • University of Saskatchewan Detritus

    We all remember this spring’s controversy at the University of Saskatchewan over the firing of Robert Buckingham, which resulted in the resignation of the University’s Provost, Brett Fairbairn, and the firing of the President, Ilene Busch-Vishniac.  Despite all the coverage, a … Read More

  • Paul Cappon, Again

    You may have noticed that Paul Cappon – former President of the Canadian Council of Learning – had a paper out last week about how what the country really needs is more federal leadership in education.  It is desperately thin.

    Read More

  • How to Measure Teaching Quality

    One of the main struggles with measuring performance in higher education – whether of departments, faculties, or institutions – is how to measure the quality of teaching.

    Teaching does not go entirely unmeasured in higher education.  Individual courses are rated by … Read More