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  • Summer Updates from Abroad (1): England’s Demented Student Loans Policies

    You’ll recall that the UK had an election in early May in which the Conservative Party, contrary to most polling, won a majority of seats, and thus was able to form a government without need for a coalition.  On July … Read More

  • Student Debt in Canada: Sorry, Still no Crisis

    If you’re in the looking-at-student-debt business in Canada, your data sources are limited.  Provinces could publish their debt figures annually, but they don’t.  Canada Student Loans does publish its debt numbers annually, but it includes nothing on provincial debt, so … Read More

  • Truth and Reconciliation

    Earlier this month, Justice Murray Sinclair released the final report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC).  There are some elements of it that make for interesting reading from a post-secondary perspective.

    (To international readers: for a period of roughly … Read More