Higher Education Strategy Associates


Higher Education Strategy Associates has been in existence since January 2010. Prior to that, the organization operated as the Canadian office of the Educational Policy Institute. In our present and former incarnations, our staff have performed work for a wide variety of clients, including:

Quality Measurement, Benchmarking and Rankings

The first step to improving institutional performance is knowing how you measure up. HESA staff members are experts in higher education measurement systems. We can show you how to improve data collection and analysis at your institution with an eye to improving overall institutional performance. Our experts on benchmarking and rankings can also show you how to use data at comparable institutions both locally and around the world to construct relevant benchmarking tools to measure your performance over time.

HiBAR – Bibliometric Analysis

HESA’s HiBAR bibliometric database allows for the most accurate and precise measurement of research impact in Canada. Using publication and citation data from Google Scholar, HiBAR allows for individual department-level H-index analysis at every Canadian university. Want to know how your biology department stacks up against your peers? HiBAR can tell you. Click here to find out more.

Policy Options

HESA maintains an exclusive Policy and Initiatives Warehouse, with details on government and institutional policies from around the world. This allows us to make rapid comparisons of major policies across jurisdictions and institutions and help our clients determine what kinds of policies and initiatives might be right for their circumstances. Plus, as publishers of the Global Higher Education Strategy Monitor, we’re always on top of major global trends in higher education.

Strategy Development

Strategy isn’t a luxury in hard economic times, it’s a necessity. With our experience in the development of strategic plans in education, we can provide clients with expert advice on the process required to arrive at a top-class strategic plan.

Positioning and Branding

Higher Education Strategy Associates maintains a key eye on issues relating to institutional branding. Too much positioning and marketing comes down to mere tag lines: we help institutions move beyond that, to help them find and develop the distinctive edges that can make them stand out from the crowd. Above all, we want to help institutions compete on quality.

Strategic Communications

More than ever, institutions and governments need strategic communications to help them craft compelling and unique narratives about their achievements. Writing about higher education is our business; if you need communications assistance from a firm which understands your issues, we can help.

Human Resources

Every hire is a strategic hire. In conjunction with recruitment specialists Stoakely Dudley, we provide institutions with unique, data-driven recruitment services for both academic and non-academic staff.