YITS Cohort A - Post-secondary Education - Experience

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Variable General Description YITS Code
Cycle 1 Cycle 2 Cycle 3 Cycle 4
Identifier Used to identify 1st or 2nd post-secondary experience, in Quebec or non-Quebec, in a CEGEP or Non-CEGEP institution N.A. KEXPIDD2, KINSTD2 KEXPIDD3, KINSTD3 KEXPIDD4, KINSTD4
Living Arrangement During the most time of the first year, live in a student residence or not, live with whom N.A. K2Q23, K2Q24 KE3Q23, KE3Q24 KE4Q23, KE4Q24
Class Size Number of classes with fewer than 35 people or more than 75 people N.A. K2Q25, K2Q26 KE3Q25, KE3Q26 KE4Q25, KE4Q26
Remedial course workshop, program, or courses designed to help students adjust to first-year studies N.A. K2Q27 KE3Q27 KE4Q27
Overall grade-average Overall Grade Average during the first year N.A. K2Q28, K2Q29 KE3Q28, KE3Q29 KE4Q28, KE4Q29
Time spent on homework Time spent on homework N.A. K2Q30, K2Q30A KE3Q30, KE3Q30A KE4Q30, KE4Q30A
Working hours during PSE During the schooling year, work hours per week for unpaid work or paid work N.A. K2Q35, K2Q38, HPDPSD2, HUWPSD2 KE3Q35, KE3Q38, HPDPSD3, HUWPSD3 KE4Q35, KE4Q38, HPDPSD4, HUWPSD4
Skipping a class Times per month respondent cut or skip a class N.A. K2Q32 N.A. N.A.
Thinking about dropping out Times per month thinking about dropping out N.A. K2Q33 KE3Q33 KE4Q33
Effect of work Effects of working on studies and personal life N.A. N.A. KE3Q41A:E KE4Q41A:E
School engagement Instructors have strong teaching abilities N.A. K2Q44 N.A. N.A.
Instructors showed interest in helping students succeed N.A. K2Q45 KE3Q45 KE4Q45
Students feel trouble keeping up with the workload N.A. K2Q46A N.A. N.A.
Student misses deadline given for assigned work N.A. K2Q47 KE3Q47 KE4Q47
When student does not understand something, he/she asked instructors to explain it N.A. K2Q48 N.A. N.A.
Students related to what he/she is taught to the future N.A. K2Q49 N.A. N.A.
Student feels he/she is just a number to this school N.A. K2Q50 N.A. N.A.
Student feels he/she has the skills and abilities needed in the program N.A. K2Q52 N.A. N.A.
There were people at school student could talk to about personal things N.A. K2Q53 KE3Q53 KE4Q53
Student thinks he/she finds the right program N.A. K2Q54 KE3Q54 KE4Q54
First year help students to get a better idea of his/her future plan N.A. K2Q55 KE3Q55 KE4Q55
The first year give student skill which could help he/she in the job market N.A. K2Q56 KE3Q56 KE4Q56
Student is certain about the type of work he/she would like to have in the future N.A. K2Q57 KE3Q57 KE4Q57
Student becomes good friend of other students N.A. K2Q58 N.A. N.A.

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